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Are you a Jammer? Or should I say, are you a HaikuJAMMER? Those who already are part of this, need not to tell how calmly this mobile application is creating a buzz on Internet! Sounds like Irony, right?  But if you are new to this & wondering what's this HaikuJAM all about, then this post is for you. 


HaikuJAM is a mobile application available on IOS App Store or Google Play Store. An app, A place or maybe A Second World to those who love to connect with like minded people through their thoughts. No, it is not a dating app. As described by the app itself, a social writing app where people write stories and poetry together.

What Does Haiku Means? 

Haiku is a Japanese word means a poem of 3 lines, in a format of 5 words, 7 words & 5 words.

What's the buzz about HaikuJAM? 

Apart from all other apps, this one is totally new in it's own niche. All you have to do is start a JAM ( 3 line poem) and enter the first line of the poem only. Within 2-5 minutes, two random people will complete your line turning into a complete HaikuJAM. Not only you have to start always, you can also conclude second or third line too :) Whenever I conclude a JAM or start it and see how other people ironically concluding my JAM, it gives me a inner peace! This is the only reason I'm getting emotionally attached with this app. 


Whenever a JAM is completed, you can always share it on all social media platforms and those who concluded your JAM will be automatically tagged in post! Interesting, right? And don't worry! There will be your name on the JAM to let others know who concluded what line! 

Screenshot of a JAM posted on Instagram!

You can always choose with whom you want to conclude your poem. Either with the whole world or can create groups called "Circles". There is a Shakespeare in everyone and this app lets your inner Shakespeare talk. There is no restriction of choosing the theme, words & thoughts because they believe you to be pure with your words. 

Not to worry if you have no idea how to start or what to write. No one is a born poet here & this is the magic of the app. All are ordinary people & I'm sure this app will turn all of us into poets and writers. The more you give, more you will get. I mean the more you give, more KARMA points you will earn :) 

JAMS Created and Concluded by Me. 

Every day, HaikuJAM handpicks some of the most beautiful stories and haiku poems which then appear in the 'Featured' feed and you can also win prizes!! :) So don't wait. Jump into this beautiful magical world of random thoughts and random people and turn on your inner poet. 

Direct link of App:
HaikuJAM on Google Play Store
HaikuJAM on IOS App Store

Direct Link of My Profile on HaikuJAM: Niharika Verma on HaikuJAM

Do follow me on my Twitter for all my HaikuJAM updates :)  Hope you'll enjoy this Jamming Journey :) Meet you at the JAM!! 

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  1. Probably the best app on iphone in 2016.

  2. This sounds really cool and interesting.

  3. Oh I must get this app! I used to write Haikus all the time but somehow have forgotten about them. What a neat idea!

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    Mhaan | www.mommyrockininstyle.com

  6. this is going to be the best app for those haiku lovers out there!

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