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Today I am Introducing a unique shopping site called Fulpy.com. It is one of its kind in market as it allows to shop from all the different online stores/brands under one roof. I didn't knew about this initiative earlier, untill they reached me and told me that through Fulpy.com, you not only shop but can earn as well. Sounds Interesting! right? Read on below that how you can earn through fulpy and why it is called "Social Shopping Platform". 


Social Shopping Platform 

At Fulpy, you can create your own collection of products whether it is under Fashion, Beauty, Books, Stationery, Kids or anything from all the different stores or can shop from collections created by other users. By "collection" here, I mean bundle of different products fulped from different websites. It is quite interesting to see how fulpy helps to create an influence of style and choice of one user upon another. You can follow your friends, influencers, bloggers or even online stores on fulpy. Hence, it is precisely positioned as "Social Social Platform" where you can share, discover and buy interesting products across the web.

To make it more clear, let's take the example of "Handbags". Now at fulpy, you can explore different varieties of handbags from different stores at one place fulped by different people.  

Handbags collection on Fulpy.com

To explore more about a particular product, all you need to do is click on it and select "Buy" and you will be redirected to the original shopping site from where the product was fulped. Quite easy! right? Now, you must me wondering what's the need of visiting fulpy if we can simply visit abof.com or myntra.com. Point, which makes fulpy different from other sites is, it helps to explore those under-advertised sites too, which are as good as high end shopping sites and also offers heavy discounts. Then why to burn hole in your pocket if you can avail such opportunities. 

If you are impressed by the taste & choice of particular person or store, simply follow them & you can explore their collection easily. 

Nykaa.com store at Fulpy.com

Not only products, but you can share your stories too :) Simply click POST+ button and you are all set to create your own collection/story. 

Fulp a Product/Create your story at Fulp.com

Earn Through Fulpy.com

Fulpy offers you an affiliation program where you can earn commission from the sale of various products from your collection only. Whenever a visitor shop from your collection, you earn commission :) So fulp more & more products and flaunt your collection. Let the world know your choice. To know more about Affiliation Program, click here

To see the complete list of stores which offers commission through Fulpy.com, click here

Visit My Profile on Fulpy.com

The Reason I shared about Fulpy.com is, this is an Indian Initiative. And being an Indian Blogger/Influencer I love to share such initiatives with you all :) Do share your thoughts about this new concept in comments below :) 
Have a Great Day! 

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  1. That's really a good concept. Nice social Shopping platform.