Dear Zindagi- A letter to Life!

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Hello everyone 🙂 Not a beauty post or review post today. I thought to do something different. 

I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda (Blogging Platform) which I am sharing with you all 🙂

Dear Zindagi,

Yeah you heard me right! I am calling you.  I took time, a pause, a break , to live you. I know from past few years I forgot to live you! All these responsibilities separated me from you. But what to do? You brought in so many tough situations for me. I know I was little biased. Whenever I faced tough situations, I blamed you. But whenever I was blessed with happiness, I thanked GOD!! Sorry for being partial 😀

But see, I am blogger now and achieving my goals. You remember, when I was a little kid, how I used to see dreams of being appreciated and loved by whole world and getting famous? I really want to thank you now. Thank you my life! For bringing in so many of tough situations, only because of them I’m a strong person now.

You know, there was a time when I used to think that I’m good for nothing because I couldn’t find anything interesting to make my career in it. But today, I’m truly living my dreams by owning a blog.As I child, I didn’t appreciated your value, your worth! But now, being a matured adult I feel lucky and blessed to have you! To have a life! In-fact a perfect life. You taught me how to stay positive and ignore negativity. Earlier I used to pray for expensive TV sets and expensive clothes. But now I pray for a good and healthy life. As I grew up, I realized there is nothing more important than a supportive family, health and happy life.

Sometimes I feel that you are going too fast! Relax life relax! Put a hold on those big responsibilities. I want to enjoy you, want to live you to the fullest. I want you to be like a story, which I can narrate as a thrilling experience when I’ll be in my mid 60’s 😀But sometimes you act so boring! Why you act so boring? My life, bring something adventurous. I’m mature, but it doesn’t mean I forgot my inner naughty child. Why don’t you bring something big for me? I’m not talking about anymore challenges now! I’m talking about being naughty again as a child.
I know I keep on asking from you. To do this or that but never gave you anything in return! From now on, I’ll make my life an interesting story. I realized I never thanked you for everything good you did for me. So a Big thank you 🙂

I just want you to keep me motivated and strong 🙂 I thank GOD for blessing me with the best family and the super-duper life. I’ll cherish each and every moment from now on.  But don’t give me any more lemons now 😛 You already taught me how to make lemonade.
Keep Smiling…

Love! Xoxo! 

I hope you all loved reading this. I want you all to take time and thank your life. If you have also shared something like this, do share it with me 🙂 I would love to read all your posts 🙂 
Have a Good Day! 

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