Nykaa Dual Tone Nail Enamel Remover | Review

Heya lovelies! So today I am reviewing Nykaa's new launch "The Dual Tone Nail Enamel Remover". I am really a huge fan of Nykaa & a loyal customer. For me, it's an ultimate destination for all cosmetics & beauty related stuff. Not only this, I love their service also. No fault in orders & Super fast delivery. I am placing orders with Nykaa from past so many years. So whenever they bring in something new I can't keep myself without trying those out. 


This time it was their Dual Tone Nail Remover. Wondering what so special with this "Dual Tone" thing? Scroll down to explore it :D

Price: Rs. 99/- (30 ML) 

Product Description

Say goodbye to stubborn nail enamels with the Nykaa Dual-tone Nail Enamel Remover. Its two phases are colored different, making it one-of-a-kind nail product. A single swipe of this acetone-free remover gets off all the nail enamel, leaving your nails residue-free, protected, and moisturized.

  • The formulation does not dry the skin nor the surface of the nails.
  • It is composed of a water phase enriched with moisturizing substances.
  • Leaves your nails squeaky clean and hydrated.
  • Fast acting.
  • Acetone free.


How to use product

Shake the bottle before use to mix the two phases. Soak a cotton pad or swab in the Nykaa Dual-tone Nail Enamel Remover and swipe your nail enamel off.

My Take on this product 

Basically, these two liquids work together to not only remove the nail paint but also moisturize it. So we have to mix it first everytime to get the best results. I am a huge nail paint & nail arts addict so my nails are a bit damaged because of using nails paints without giving a break. I know it is wrong but whenever I try to give my nails a break, a party or any event hops in and I have to apply nail paint again. 

Coming back to the product. It did removed the stubborn nail paints & being acetone free with moisturizing effect, it didn't harmed my skin around the nails. But you have to shake it everytime to mix both the liquids whenever you have to take it on cotton pad. 


If I compare it with the Lakme Nail Enamel remover which I am using from past many years, the nykaa one requires much more amount to remove the nail paint from two nails whereas few drops of Lakme Remover completely remove the nail paint in one go. Lakme one is more strong maybe because having acetone in it. 

So the best part of Nykaa Remover is it's acetone free with moisturizing effect. 


  • Budget friendly 
  • Removes stubborn nail paints 
  • Acetone Free 
  • Moisturizing effect 


  • You have to shake it everytime before using it
  • Without mixing both the liquids, it will not give much results 
  • Much more quantity is needed 
  • Availability 
Want more with Nykaa? Download the Nykaa App (open this link in phone) & get Rs.100/- off. Happy Shopping. :) 

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  1. I love Nykaa nail polishes... This seems like a good acetone free nail enamel remover. Will give it a try...

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