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Today reviewing Beauty Wish Box from The Nature’s Co. (TNC). I got this as a giveaway prize from blogger Pratsmusings. She is such a lovely lady with a “must follow” blog. I lover DIY’s. So a big thank you to her & TNC for such an awesome collaborated giveaway. All products I received in a beautiful handbag. 


About TNC: The Nature’s Co. products are PETA certified which means that the company is completely vegan friendly and also practices non-cruelty to animals. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights group in the world, is based in the United States with two million members and supporters. Read more at thenaturesco.com

What TNC says about their Beauty Wish Box

Beautiful YOU cannot be achieved in a day. Just like the elaborate preparations you are making for the festivals; your skin & hair needs special care too. If you want to have the natural glow and sparkle to outshine during the festivals don’t wait any longer; just open your Festive Special Beauty Wish Box & start the beauty regime to meet a radiant YOU! 

The box contains 5 deluxe sized products worth Rs. 798/- +1 Full Sized product worth Rs. 395/- 
So it’s Rs.695/- only for all products worth Rs. 1193/-

Products inside my bag

1. Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream (35 ml)


Description: Wear a youthful glow with this Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream. With the goodness of Vitamin A, C and E, it helps do away with dead skin while keeping the skin soft, supple and firm. Enriched with Natural oils, Vitamins and Butters, it helps enhance blood circulation in your face and restore freshness by lightening dark spots and reversing signs of ageing.

Directions: Splash some water and apply cream all over face and neck. Moisten hands with cold water and gently massage for 5 minutes using upward and outward strokes. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before removing it with damp cotton and see it take years off your face.


Review: I can’t explain in words how magically it worked for me. It has chocolaty fragrance which relieves my senses everytime. Just give 15 min massage with this cream and you’ll notice a pinkish glow from the first use. It’s important to leave cream on your face after massage for atleast 20 minutes. Keep your fingers wet for effective massage. It has a proper blend of moisturizing oils so no matter what type of your skin is, this will give you fantastic results. 

2. Bearberry-Liquorice Whitening cream (15 ml)


Description: Brighten your skin the natural way with this cream. Bearberry being a natural & highly effective skin lightener which brightens your face with Liquorice will reduce the discoloration and pigmentation. At the same time, get deep down moisturizing for lighter smoother & more radiant face.

Directions: To use, ensure your skin is freshly cleansed, then massage the cream into your skin & let it absorb. 


Review: It has a fruity smell. For sure it does wonders because I gave this to my mommy who has little bit of pigmentation on her face. I guess in 10 days there was a noticeable difference in her skin tone & pigmented area. Her skin was more soft and glowing with lighter spots. True to the claim of providing radiant glow. 

3. Orange Lip Butter Gloss (10 ml)


Description: Get delicious, soft and luscious lips with Tangy Orange Lip Butter . It promotes collagen production and soothes dry, irritated and cracked lips all day long. 


Directions: Apply directly to your lips, as often as required.


Review: It tastes exactly like orange ice-cream 😛 I felt like I am applying frozen orange-juice cubes. Gave a cute decent shine to my lips which is needed in daily routine. Worked on my patchy lips too. This is the tastiest lip balm I ever had 😀 

4. Rosemary-Hibiscus Hair Mask (15 gm) 


Description: For Silky Shiny Hair Amla is a natural conditioner, gives shine to hairs. It stimulates hair follicles, prevents hair loss, premature graying & dandruff. Rosemary prevents thinning hair and hair loss. It fights against premature graying and can gradually darken existing gray hair. Hibiscus prevents hair loss, enhances hair growth, discourages split ends, thickens hair & prevents premature graying of hair. Methi prevents dandruff, hair fall, promotes hair growth. It tones up the hair and the hair becomes silky and shiny. 

Direction – Apply before bath for 15-30 minutes, rinse of with water. Then wash your hair with a shampoo followed by a conditioner.


Review: It has a pure herbal hair product like smell. Somewhat related to henna. Just make a paste by mixing it with water and apply to roots and scalp. Spread evenly and give a gentle massage. After shower, I noticed my hair were soft without using conditioner. So if you have this mask, I don’t think you need a conditioner then. The smell doesn’t linger after shower. It’s a decent product with so many benefits. 

5. Jasmine-Body Lotion (25 ml)


Description: Indulge in our pleasant Jasmine Body Lotion whose rich and sweet floral fragrance does magic on your mood. It”s soothing and calming properties works wonders on your skin tone, elasticity and also heals wounds, rashes and skin irritations giving you healthy, brighter skin. 

Directions: Apply it liberally & evenly both in morning & night. It is especially effective when applied after bathing on moist skin.


Review: I love this jasmine fragrance. Not so strong so don’t worry! This will not tease your sensitive nose. Gave me a proper moisturized skin. Why “proper”? Because I have combination to oily skin and most of the lotions make my skin oily which I don’t like at oil. So this one understands oily skin beauties as well. This even healed minor skin scratches which I gifted to me :p (mosquito bites). Go for it. 

6. Jasmine-Body wash (30 ml)


Description: Give your body a floral Bath treat with our exotic Jasmine Body wash. It’s soothing and Calming properties protect your skin from rashes and irritations, improve your skin tone and increase its elasticity giving you a healthier skin. 

Directions: Use a wet loofah and pour the body wash on it. The cleansing body washes lathers up in the bath or shower.

Review: Although it says “Jasmine” but I felt like it has coconut type of smell. Has a honey like texture. Lathers well and gave a soft cleansed skin. I didn’t felt the need of applying any lotion after it. It has enough of moisturizing oils. 

So there were 6 products in total. This beauty bag/box is the most trusted one because all the products are from One trusted brand. TNC ensures quality for each product for most effective skincare routine. They send out products in new packaging time to time. Sometimes in clutches and sometimes in handbags. Thank You TNC for being the best in beauty bag/boxes. 

Go Grab one for yourself. Visit thenaturesco.com (No Affiliation). Have a Happy Good Day 🙂 

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