HipHop Facial & Body Hair Removing Wax strips | Review

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HipHop Facial & Body Hair Removing Wax strips | Review 1

So today I am reviewing waxing strips from the brand HipHop Skincare. I bought two pairs of variants. One for facial hair and the other one for body hair. This was the first time I tried waxing strip on my face but for my body, I already tried Veet waxing strips. My experience with HipHop Waxing strips was like ok-ok to me. Scroll down to read more in detail 🙂 

HipHop Facial & Body Hair Removing Wax strips | Review 2


Facial Wax Strip: Rs. 80/- (10 Pre-coated wax strips)
Body Hair Wax Strip: Rs. 90/- (10 Pre-Coated Wax strips)

Available at Nykaa.


  • All Natural 
  • Lipo Wax
  • Dermatologically and Clinically Tested 
  • No Side Effects 
  • No Skin Darkening
  • No Mess
  • No Burns
  • No Rashes
  • Easy Clean up (with tissue wipes) 
  • Reusable (the Same strip can be used 3-4 times) 

How To Use

  • Rub the strip between both the palms.
  • Slowly peel apart.
  • The smooth wax surface on the skin.
  • Firmly zip-back the strip.
  • Clean with After Depil Towelette.

My Take On This Product

Before I move on to my experience I want to mention that Hair on my legs is a bit harder and darker as compared to hair on my arms. So let’s see how this worked for me. 

Facial Wax strips 

HipHop Facial & Body Hair Removing Wax strips | Review 3

I tried these strips on me as well as on my mommy’s facial hair. We have totally different types of skin so this was the perfect experiment with these strips 😃. She is having dry skin and I am having oily skin. I followed the instructions on the packet and rubbed the strip between my hands until it became soft. I peeled both the strips apart and placed it on my upper lip as well as on my mommy’s upper lip. Smoothed the strip on the skin and pulled apart, just like the parlor ladies do. The results were totally different. 

HipHop Facial & Body Hair Removing Wax strips | Review 4

In my case, only 2 or 4 hair strands were pulled apart but my mommy got a clean upper lip with only 1 stroke (Strip in the image experimented on mommy 😃 ) So maybe this may not work for oily skin beauties. I’ll not recommend this to those having hard facial hair. I tried it only on my upper lip and chin. I was afraid to use it on my cheeks because I thought this may result in hard regrowth. After removing, I used “depil towelette” provided with this pack to remove the leftover wax from my skin. 

Body Hair removing wax strip 

HipHop Facial & Body Hair Removing Wax strips | Review 5

This was the chocolate variant and fragrance was really nice. I tried to pull my hair with this strip on my arms but I was not able to apply the force and angle which was required. So I asked my mommy to do it and yes, this really removed my hair

HipHop Facial & Body Hair Removing Wax strips | Review 6

Not only hair but it removed tanning too. (Strip in the image experimented on my arms) But the results on my legs were totally different. As I said hair on my legs is hard and dark, the strips were not able to pull them. Only a few hair strands were there on the strip. But yes, the wax pulled out the dark and dull skin and I got tanning free legs 😃. So these strips are a good option for those who have light hair growth only. I’ll suggest you remove the leftover wax from skin immediately with the towelette or else it will get dry and become more hard and sticky which is not easy to remove. Phew! 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Easy to use
  • Easily available online
  • Removes tanning
  • A good option for dry skin beauties 
  • Only works for light hair growth 


  • Will not work with oily skin
  • Tough job to remove hard hair with this
  • You need someone to apply the much-needed motion and force to pull the strip
  • Not a Perfect substitute for waxing at Parlor. 

So those who have tried epilation, razor or any other method and you have really hard hair growth, this is not an option for you 😃. You will only end up getting sticky wax on your skin 😃.

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