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I still remember the day when I was scrolling my Instagram feed and saw and add saying "Are you a Blogger? Get Paid for your work". Without any thought I just clicked on that add and landed on I explored that site and today I thank God and Instagram for showing that add :D Before sharing my experience with you and why you should join Blogmint let me tell you little about what Blogmint exactly is. 

It is Influencer Marketing Platform which helps connects brand and Influencers. It helps brands identify and engage targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content. So If you are a blogger or vlogger you can sign up at Blogmint as an Influencer and start Earning :) 

Now the Point comes how Blogmint works and You will earn through it. It works on the basis of Blog Score and Social Score of an Influencer. For Blog Score you have to connect your blog and Google Analytics ID with Blogmint so that all the analytical data of your blog can be extracted and on the basis of your blog quality your blog score will improve. 

For Social Score you have the option to connect your Twitter Profile, Your Facebook Page/Profile or your YouTube channel or all of them. It is better to connect your blogmint with all of these social media profiles to improve your social score. 

I have not connected my YouTube because I am more into Blogging. 

Now you have connected your blogs and other Social Channels, just click on the Monetize checkbox and enter the amount you would like to charge for your blogging work and you are done :) 

After this you can choose your preferred Influencing categories and enter visitor demographic details of your blog which is completely optional. Here is the screenshot in which you can see the categories in which I am Interested. You have the option of selecting only 5 categories from a list of fields and you can change it later anytime according to your interest. 

So after this complete setup start exploring campaigns. Blogmint offers variety of campaigns from all the different fields. Your earning will depend on the type of campaign you apply for and how much they will offer you for a blog post, Facebook post or tweet. Note that Blogmint will deduct 20% from the amount as their commission and the rest will be your net earning.

For example, a campaign offers you Rs.5000/- for a blog post. After deducting 20% from it (Rs.5000-Rs.1000= Rs.4000), your net earning will be Rs.4000. 

The best part about blogmint is it actually works! I have received payment in my bank account. When I first visited this website I thought it is just another site claiming to pay for blogging but will nothing happen but I was wrong. I am saying because there are such fake websites. This platform is completely trustworthy and I am so happy and proud that I joined Blogmint. Here is the screenshot of two campaigns which were only for tweets. Mostly they will offer Rs.10 only for a tweet and will ask you to post near about 5 to 10 tweets. 

So go ahead and start your journey at
Have a Good Day Readers :) 

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