Skin18- Nature Republic- Green Tea Mask Sheet

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Hello Everyone! So it is almost weekend here and I hope you are ready with all your weekend plans πŸ˜€
So today I am reviewing Nature Republic Mask sheet in Green Tea Variant which I got from

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Let me tell you a little bit about

Skin18 is a brand which believes in skincare instead of makeup. Their products feed natural ingredients and nutrition to your skin. Their mission is to bring products that will look forever 18. And the best part I love about skin18 is they ship worldwide. So No matter where you are, you will get skin18 products at your doorstep.

Now lets come back to product

Price: Rs. 65.68/-


  • Green Tea Extract deeply moisturizes and helps the skin stay moisturized
  • Three layers of cellulose provide essence deep into the skin
  • Increases skin absorption potential
  • Hydrates with nutrients and moisturize with Natural Ingredients

Skin18- Nature Republic- Green Tea Mask Sheet 3


  • Wash the face and apply toner to prepare the skin
  • Open the pouch, pull out the mask and place on the face
  • Using the eye area to align properly
  • Remove after 10-20 minutes and gently pat for absorption

My Take on this product

I have never tried a mask sheet before. This is the first time and I am glad I picked skin18 for that. They have so much variety to choose from. This is the green tea variant so green tea lovers going to love it. Even if you don’t like green tea you will love this mask sheet too πŸ˜€

The mask sheet is designed properly with proper cuts to fit onto your face and no matter what type of face frame you have, this is perfect for everyone.

I read the ingredients and I am happy that paraben was not in the list.

Skin18- Nature Republic- Green Tea Mask Sheet 4
(I know I am looking Funny πŸ˜€ )

The sheet is absorbed in 23 ml of serum. Even after taking the wet and completely soaked mask out from the pouch there was much serum left in the packet. I opened the sheet gently without breaking it and placed on my face and patted all over the face for complete absorption. Kept it for 20 minutes and it gave me a complete spa feeling with relaxing essence. I covered a little bit of mask on my eyelids and it completely soaked my stress level πŸ˜€ Believe me it will soak all your stress and tension level and will help your skin to breathe more in a healthy way.

Skin18- Nature Republic- Green Tea Mask Sheet 5

True to the claim of providing nourishment. After removing the mask, I felt my skin was totally nourished, soft and supple. A bit of natural glow and a fresh face πŸ™‚ Green Tea is known for anti-oxidants and is used widely in Home Made mask. So instead of mixing and making a messy mask at home, Just buy this and enjoy 20 minutes of a spa at home πŸ˜€

Skin18- Nature Republic- Green Tea Mask Sheet 6
I told my Mommy to hold it please πŸ˜€ Need to Click 


  • In Budget
  • Easy to use and apply
  • True to the claim of nourishment
  • Paraben-free
  • Works as a stress buster too πŸ˜€
  • Moisturized, soft, supple skin in 20 Minutes
  • Natural Ingredients
  • For all skin type


  • No Con πŸ™‚

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