August FabBag – Unboxing and Review

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August FabBag - Unboxing and Review 1

In this post, I’ll review all the products I received in August FabBag. When I received it and saw the products, I was extremely happy because My July FABBAG was perfect.

But after using the products of August Fab bag, I am a bit disappointed. Read down below for more details! Please note that all products were of sample size!

1. Geri G. Transceutical Canvas with Nanomarine-5

August FabBag - Unboxing and Review 2

Product description– It says it is a Primer, Moisturizer and cosmetic transformer all in one. Canvas leaves the skin looking and feeling fresh all day long. It Instantly transforms powder cosmetics into a creamy texture on the skin. Makes all cosmetics water-resistant.

August FabBag - Unboxing and Review 3

My take on this product– It smells really BAD. Like if you using hair color. That particular smell of ammonia and chemicals in Hair colors. It says it is all in one (primer and moisturizer) but for me, it worked more like a moisturizer. I have read somewhere (didn’t remember where I read) that we have to mix Geri G. transceutical Canvas with Geri G. foundation to make it a perfect blend. 

It can be a good base for makeup products but for oily skin beauties it can be a problem. Because after using this primer and all other makeup products like foundation and compact, your skin will become a little bit oily. But because of that bad smell, I don’t like this product that much!

2. Karite Beurre Wild East African Shea Butter

August FabBag - Unboxing and Review 4

Product Description– It is enriched with Vitamin A and E. Their Wild east African Shea butter is 100% Natural.

My take on this product– I found it good. Descent Fragrance and good nourishing qualities. I use it on my lips and it works well. It can be used for nourishing dry areas on the skin. In short, A good product! Well Shea butter itself is considered good for nourishing.

3. Natural Bath and Body FACE MASQUE with Grapefruit and Vitamin C

August FabBag - Unboxing and Review 5

Product Description– Vitamin C, grapefruit oil and plant extracts teamed up together to create this whitening gel pack. This citrus face masque gently removes impurities. This Gel Also nourishes Collagen Fibers to maintain skin fairness.

My take on this product– Didn’t like this product at all. Immediately after applying this gel masque, it gave me a burning sensation. The product says keep this gel for 10 minutes on your face, but because of burning sensation and heat it produced, It became intolerable. After washing the masque off I saw my face is a bit red. It was so irritating to see that redness and itchiness on my skin. I used an ice cube to cool down my face and used aloe vera after that. I will not recommend this to anyone.

4. Kronokare Anti Turm(oil) – City Repair Hair Oil- 100% Natural

August FabBag - Unboxing and Review 6

Product Description– “Don’t let the city bring your hair down”. Unique blend of geranium, lavender, peppermint essential oils brings a superior nourishment and moisture to your hair. Rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. Helps to protect from future damage.

Apply a generous amount of oil, massage well onto the scalp, leave for 15 minutes, rinse it off.

My take on this product– It smells like an ayurvedic hair oil which is not bad. The Flip-cap makes it easy to pour oil on your palm drop by drop. I kept it for half-hour and massaged well for 5-10 minutes. Even After shampoo, the fragrance of oil will stay whole day. This is just like an ordinary hair oil, nothing fancy about it. Oil is considered to be a medium through which you can give your scalp and head a good massage. Hair quality is improved not only because of hair oil, but with a good head massage which improves blood circulation and makes your scalp healthy. For this purpose this Hair Oil is good.

5. LIVON Serum

August FabBag - Unboxing and Review 7

Product description– Control Frizz. Ease Out Tangles. Reduce Breakage. Get Silky Shiny Hair. With Vitamin E, Lightweight Formula and Mild Fragrance. After shampoo and conditioner, towel-dry your hair and pour Livon serum onto your palm, rub it and massage it on your hair. 

August FabBag - Unboxing and Review 8

My take on this product– I have been using LIVON serum from past 5-6 years and I love it. I pour a little amount of serum onto my palm, rub it until I feel the heat in between my hands and then apply it on my hair length. It gives you healthy shine and makes it easy to detangle your hair. It controls frizz for sure. Not only after the shower, but whenever you will your hair needs a good shine and nourishment you can use it. A perfect mate for your hair. Go for it 🙂

I have bought 3-month subscription of FabBag and August bag was my 2nd bag. I hope I’ll receive good skin care products in my September Bag.

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