GloBOX Beauty Box Review

Here it is my first GloBOX and I have no words to express my love for GloBOX. It is a monthly beauty subscription box containing beauty products and surprise fashion accessories in selected box. 
Read out more about GloBOX here.. (NO AFFILIATION LINK)

I love their "beauty profile" concept in which they ask you questions related to your skin type, hair type, shades and color preferences, fragrance preference, skin problems and allergies and on the basis of your beauty profile you'll receive products which your skin loves. 

Products are selected by beauty experts to meet your requirement. When I received my GloBOX with all the products and shades which I love, I felt special. It is like someone is there who is taking care of your skin. I am just in Love with it :) 

Products I got in My Box

1. fuschia Dazzle Face Mask with sandal and saffron

Ingredients - Rose Water, Kaolin Light, China Clay, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Bentonite Powder, Oatmeal Powder, Sandalwood Powder, Saffron Extract, Vitamin E 

Properties : Brightening Purposes

Each of the variants is enriched with different natural active ingredients which impart them their unique properties.

Use these masks once or twice a week

Apply a layer of this mask even over your skin and relax for 15-20 minutes.

Once dry, rinse with plain water.

My Take on this product: 

I received this for my pimples & I am absolutely in Love with this. Their cute packaging (plastic Tub) & Soothing Fragrance of sandal and saffron will make you fall in love with it. It is easy to apply and soft in texture. It can be used daily because it has no harsh chemicals. I kept it for 30-40 minutes and it gives extreme cold sensation while washing it off. It helps to reduce pimples and I am noticing a good change in my skin. My skin is more clear, redness of pimple is reduced, more soft and supple. The pack is so moisturizing that I didn't felt any need of applying any moisturizer after washing it off. Go for it :) 

2. bio bloom Under Eye Gel

Free from Parabens, sulphate & other chemical aids. 

 Aloe Vera based under eye gel includes vitamin A, E & C, which nourish and heal the under eye skin. Cucumber Juice soothes and aids the delicate skin. Mint and Green tee extract diminish sagging skin & dark circles

My take on this product: 

It is in Jelly form with mint fragrance. I have tried many under eye creams and gels but all of them gave me stickiness and oily skin. But this one from bio bloom is so perfect and it didn't even made my skin oily. I felt like I have applied nothing to my under eye skin. Works perfectly. The mint fragrance will give you tingling sensation in eyes so I'll suggest you to close your eyes and keep it closed for a minute after applying. 

3. Nail Paint (Shade- Magical Mauve) from attitude (Amway)

Loving the sexy mature color on my hands. Different from those regular pinks and reds. 

4. Lipstick (Shade- Rusty Red) from Oriflame

Shade is near to orange but will not look bad even on those who doesn't like orange shades. Lipstick is moisturizing & I didn't felt the need of applying lip balm before applying lipstick. Staying power is 4-5 hours. 

5. Skin Yoga Tea Tree and cinnamon foot Scrub

SkinYoga Products works well for your skin because they don't contain Parabens or other harsh chemicals and just original products. 

My Take on this product: 

As I said they use real ingredients and for this originality, I trust SkinYoga. Their Foot scrub contains tea tree and cinnamon. I saw sugar crystals in scrub too which is good for exfoliating. Scrub smells just like real tea. It helps to increase blood circulation and removing dead cells resulting in more soft foot skin. You'll never regret using skinyoga scrubs. :) 

With all these goodies I also received 2 samples of health tea from Tea Tressure (Slimming tea & Minty fusion). One Tea Bag for each. (Those shiny silver packets in Pic posted on top). And the cutest part was.. they sent me 2 hand written notes from Jyoti(Founder) and Shivani(Expert) showing their concern towards my skin. In short, everything was best and meant to be for your skin. So happy to have it. 

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  1. Great box! ive been wanting to try out the skin yoga foot scrub