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When life gives you lemons- Make Lemonade! Am I right?

We all are familiar with this quote and why not, after all, it is an old saying. To make it more interesting, I did a little experiment. I asked my friends “What they will do if life gives them lemons?” Obviously, most of them said they will make lemonade and drink it. Some of them added Salt and Soda too.

We all are different with a different approach, thinking, and personalities. Our way of dealing with these beautiful lemons which life presents us is also different. The way we handle our happiness or sadness is the way we are showing our personality. Who doesn’t face a bad time? But in the end we face it and we fight with it.

I can’t analyze or describe it here that what people do with these type of situations. But I am definitely sure those who are telling stories of their past and how they fought with bad time, are the strong ones.

Lemonade is sweet, while lemons are sour. But we can’t make lemonade without lemons. And the same is our life! To achieve what we goals or what we want to become or to live your dreams, we have to face these sour lemons.

We all have heard the Life is a Journey! Or just like every coin has two sides, our life is also a coin which keeps on flipping the bad and the good side.

People will do what they think is best. To deal with tough situations, or I must say to deal with these lemons one must understand what the lemon is! Only after realizing our situation we can make smart decisions and will enjoy the sweet lemon drink.

The life will give you what you will deserve whether they are lemons or lemonade.

Without tasting the lemon, we can’t enjoy our sweet lemonade. To understand the value of life and happiness, everyone has to go through difficulties.

Every part of life is important and when you fight with the tough ones, you are ready to handle life.

Maybe I am not the right one to answer What People do when life gives them lemons. But what I know is how to tackle these lemons and how everyone should face their challenges.

Enjoy the lemonade!

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Niharika Verma

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