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So another product from July FabBag. Most of us are aware of the benefits of coffee for our skin. I have read so many posts for home-made coffee scrubs but never tried it. This time I received this coffee body scrub and I am feeling so proud I gave it a try. Scroll down to see my Take on Coffee Body Scrub 🙂

Skin Yoga proudly says it is Fragrance-free, Preservative-free & Paraben-free. 100% Natural Body Exfoliator.

Price: Rs. 845/-

Net Weight: 3.53 oz – 100 g

Product description according to FabBag

The caffeine enhances fat metabolism and removes liquid and fat from your skin, ultimately reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. The natural oil moisturizes and nourishes your skin. This scrub also treats inflammation and protects your skin from sun damage.


After your routine shower, apply small handfuls of the scrub onto the wet skin. Scrub your entire body for 5-7 minutes. Rinse Well


Ground Coffee Beans, Pure Coconut Oil, Pure Sesame Oil.

Skin Yoga- Coffee Body Scrub 2

My Take on Skin Yoga Coffee Body Scrub

Before trying this product, I thought it may harm my skin because my skin is extra-sensitive and react badly to different products. But I was wrong 🙂 This is absolutely chemical free & pure coffee scrub with the pure coffee smell. While using, it feels like we are using real coffee from our kitchen. Coffee lovers are going to love it.

From the very first use, there is a visible change in my skin. I felt my skin is more nourished. Even while using in the shower I felt my skin so smooth and soft 🙂

Exfoliation is important whether it is for face or body. It regulates our blood circulation and helps our skin to breathe.

Skin Yoga Coffee scrub works perfectly and does its job very well. Coffee smell relaxes my mood and it’s small coffee granules are perfect to give a soothing massage to your skin 🙂

I am not sure whether it will protect our skin from sun damage or not. But I hope it will do so after continuous use. As coffee is known to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, it’ll be a perfect gift for your skin 🙂

If you are finding a good body scrub with no harsh chemicals, then go for it. You’ll never feel like you are using a market product. It is pure like coffee 🙂

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