Johara Instant Radiance Face Scrub

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I received the Johara Face Scrub sample in My July FabBag. This is the First time I am trying Johara Product. I have mixed reactions for this product, Not too Good- Not too Bad! 🙂 Scroll Down to see my detailed review.

Price: Rs.500/- for 100 gm

The sample I received is of 15 gm

Product Description

It is formulated with natural exfoliating ultra-fine walnut grains and a blend of lemon peel extract and Neem oil to gently slough off dull skin layers, remove impurities and promote natural cell exfoliation. Brighten up lackluster skin with this creamy formula enriched with Cococin™ CG, a nutrient-rich extract from green tender coconut water to rejuvenate skin to leave skin feeling clean, smooth and toned for a simply radiant complexion.

Paraben, Sulphate, Formaldehyde, Synthetic dye-free.


Take a dab of the Johara Instant Radiance Face Scrub and massage it all over face and neck. Be careful not to rub too hard. Recommended use is twice in a week. Regular use of face scrub exfoliates dead cells, blackheads and reveal instant radiant skin.                          Johara Instant Radiance Face Scrub 2

My take on Johara Face Scrub

First of all, those having very sensitive nose may not like this scrub because of the strong essence of Lemon peel and Neem. Some may find it refreshing & some may not! But for me, it works like wonders and gave me a feeling of a facial spa. After the hectic routine when you and your skin is completely tired, this strong essence will refresh your mind.

Second thing, the scrub does not form lather at all and I don’t like this about it. I felt like scrub granules are mixed with some kind of facial oil with no lather or foam at all. Don’t know where the cream part of scrub goes when we use it 😛

Now the main part, exfoliation. It does its job very well when it comes to exfoliation. Tiny walnut granules remove the dead skin and give a little massage to your face. It is neither too harsh nor too mild. But you will need a large amount to give a proper scrubbing massage to your face. It also gave me a minor glow to my face 🙂

And for the blackheads, I don’t rely on any scrub. I always go for blackhead removing strips (Will review them soon).

So as I said, Mixed Reactions!! One thing which is best about this scrub is, it does not contain any harsh chemical like paraben or sulfate. 

So if you are looking for a scrub with no harsh chemicals and gentle scrubbing properties, You can give it a try 🙂

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