I am losing the will to live- What Should I do?

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A lot of People ask me various stress-related questions on Quora. I want everyone to stay happy whatever the situation is. So I love to help them by providing encouragement and Positivity 🙂

Someone asked me- I am losing the will to live- What Should I do?
I replied- No big issue. It happens with all. Don’t Mind but this is the best solution. Imagine you can’t see, and the person near you is the most beautiful person in this world. How will you feel?

Now imagine you can’t hear. There is silence all around. Suddenly a person near you says I Love You and you can’t even feel that.

You can’t speak and the person you love the most calls you. How will you feel in all these situations??

See, everyone is facing problems worse than each other. But the satisfaction and happiness that life will give you after overcoming problems are incomparable to any feeling.

At the time you will feel that no one loves you, no one cares about you, no one needs you. That is the most important time to increase your value. Just think GOD sent you for purpose. There are more magical things going to happen in your life you haven’t imagined. Every second is a mystery. You never know what will happen. So take this life as an adventure and celebrate it like you are winning it 😀 Always remember no one can replace you. You have your own value like a diamond. It is ok to be selfish sometimes and spend your life for you 😀

Whenever you are stressed out, give a damn to world and people, wash your face with cold water, groom your self like you are Super Model and Boom!! 😀 you are back to life.

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