How to stay Motivated to continue writing your Novel?

Never Quit. Believe in Yourself

Well its a comman thing. We start something with our own will but later on we feel that why we are doing it. Its okay to feel that.

Novel writing is a huge task. And novel reading itself is a time taking process. Whosoever reading the novel will find it interesting only if it is INTERESTING. If you are tired or not in the mood and still you try to write, it will reflect it too. Novel will reflect your energy.

You know books hold energy of that person who wrote it. If a book or novel is written with full of energy and positivity, the same will be transmitted to the readers.

Why we find a book or story or a novel interesting because it gives us that positive energy to continue reading.

Novel writing is not a target task. You dont have to complete your Novel in a particular period of time. :)

Rome was not built in a day

See, you have started novel writing it means you know that " you have it in you ".

So take a break from it. Relieve the tension of novel completing. Enjoy your life too, feel refreshed. And the time you feel it in your nerves that yes! you are energised to continue your novel…. just do it! :)

Every human or every machine needs a break. So keep taking breaks to energize yourself and you’ll be motivated again to continue it :)

Good luck for your future :)

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