How to remain motivated at work?

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A person who loves dancing knows what he can do & what he wants. He’ll do struggle to achieve it and will do dancing for his entire life.

But when we talk about ourselves. People like us who achieve career success on the basis of our qualification or degree, will get bored from work life sooner or later.

When we start working, we are happy because we think “yay! Study is over”. We are happy because we are going to earn. Whether it is Money, respect or anything. But later on we start feeling bored.

Problem here is…. most of us dont know what our talent is? Or what we want to achieve? If i talk about me only thing i know is my dream is to earn well, to live a happy life, & be able to bring everything what my family wants. I want a happy-good-healthy family life.

I heard somewhere that whenever we feel discouraged or bored about something we are doing, recall that why you started it.

Find mental peace wherever you can and surround yourself from positivity. 🙂

When homesickness attacked me, I lost control and went into depression and frustration. Because I was surrounded by  fake people. I changed my friend circle and slowly i was enjoying my life because i found like minded people that’s it. Your friend circle affects you.

And if your not happy about what you are doing just leave it. Try to bring your family near you. Believe even one person who loves and is with can motivate you enough.

So always motivate yourself that “yes! You can do it & you’ll achieve what you want through what you are doing”

And yes please stay away from negative people or believe in yourself too much that negativity wont be able to effect you.

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.– William Feather


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