Does comparing yourself to other person is right to increase your motivation?

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No! Never!

You can imagine yourself to be someone you like because it will give you positivity for a Good change. But never compare yourself. Because human problem is when we compare, we only see flaws in ourselves. If you’ll compare, you’ll spoil your mood, your time. You will become irritating because you are not able to achieve something you like.
Why to compare? What to compare? Are we kind of product to compare? Nooo!!

You are a different person with different enitity thats it!

See, the one who feels low and neglected is the only one with pure mature and honest feelings. Because the one who is having some bad traits is happy to achieve everything in his own way, His focus is only satisfying his needs.

So don’t compare. You are different because The World needs you. Be good in your own way.

Smartnes always Wins. Imagine you are impressed with someone’s habit. And you being a positive person thought to adopt that good habit. Thats Good.

Now imagine you are impressed, but instead of adopting that habit You are cursing yourself like “why you are not like him?”. This will only spoil you nothing else.

Comparing can result in Good if done in a positive way. Hope you’ll balance your life with Positive thoughts 🙂

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