Clean & Clear Foaming Facewash- Improved Formula

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Clean & Clear Foaming Facewash- Improved Formula 1

I received clean & clear face wash as a Gift from Clean & Clear in a cute bag. We all grew up using Clean & Clear face wash 🙂 & most of use still use that simple variant of face wash with cute little purple cap 🙂 

Price: Rs.110/- for 100 ml

Product Description

CLEAN & CLEAR foaming face wash is specially designed for young skin to remove excess oil, while its special ingredients help prevent pimples. Its liquid formula cleans deep without causing dryness and is gentle enough to use everyday for clean and clear skin that glows. 

Clean & Clear proudly says it is OIL FREE & IT WONT CLOG PORES and Yes! It is up-to the claim 🙂 

My Take on Clean & Clear Face wash

After trying and experimenting all the face wash out there I have decided to make clean & clear foaming face wash my best friend 🙂 And for those who suffers from serious pimple problems should try this & you will never regret. 

Q)It Removes Oil? 

A)Yes! Completely 🙂

Q)It helps in Removing Pimples? 

A) 100% 🙂 I saw visible change in my skin. 

Q)It Removes Shine? 

A) For sure 🙂 It removes all the dirt and shine in one wash 🙂 

Clean & Clear Foaming Facewash- Improved Formula 2

I felt my skin more soft and supple after using this. If you will use it with Clean & Clear Oil free Moisturiser it will be a perfect combo for you. Moisturiser is too shine free and will not make you sweat even in hot summers will help you to reduce pimples because it contains salicylic acid which is known to fight pimples. 

Believe me guys give it a try 🙂 Because Clean & Clear understand pimple prone skin 🙂 

I also received a cute letter from Clean & Clear.

Clean & Clear Foaming Facewash- Improved Formula 3

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