Cheerful, Motivated and Healthy Life.

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I want to be cheerful, motivated and healthy always. How to achieve it?

You know it feels bad when I see people are so depressed and full of tension. Stress affects as all, Even me. We just need to find ways and overcome it 🙂 

Step into the Magical World Of Positivity 🙂 

See, I don’t know you and your situation you are facing. Without knowing what kind of routine you have I can’t Explain You in details.

But, I know what human behaviour is. These kinds of words lack excitement. It means you are surrounded by Negativity, stress and tension.

What you need to do is just sit down and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and start analysing your life. Analyse what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Recall all the Goals you have achieved. Why you have to do is because Celebration is important as much as breathing. Celebrate each and every accomplishment. Reward yourself for every little task you did. It is important. It will increase positivity in you.

And about those bad thoughts…!! Take a glass of water and relax. You can’t change your past. You can only learn from it. So why to waste time thinking about all the negative actions?

What you need to do is to Set A Goal and divide into small little goals. Achieve your journey step by step you’ll feel happy 🙂

Best about being cheerfull is ignore all the negative thoughts, things and Person. Just completely Ignore them.

Take a Cool Shower, Drink Water and Remove all the Negative Ions.

To be Cheerfull Celebrating your life is Must. Otherwise you’ll always feel demotivated.

Also download some good meditation apps and If you feel tough to control your thoughts by yourself.

Good Luck 🙂

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Niharika Verma

Beauty Blogger. I Love exploring Skincare and Makeup as much as I love Food and Humor. I Love Reading about Mental Health and I believe in Good Vibes. Find me on Instagram @niharikaverma95 :) My Email-

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