Best Tricks to keep yourself motivated

It depends for what you want to stay motivated. Whatever the reason is analyse The Goal. I know its tough but it helps.

Analyse the Goal, imagine you have achieved it. Is it giving you satisfaction? If yes then do whatever you want to do to achieve it. There is nothing right or wrong when you are dedicated to something. Just try and try.

You know our Subconscious Mind does not Accept words like “No, Never, or anything related to Negativity”.

Take this example, mostly parents say to their child that “No, dont do this” , “Don’t go there”. Why can’t they say something like “Come here” or “Try this stuff instead of that”. When we speak like this our Mind Read it without the word “No”.

Thats why we say posivity is everything. It can change everything. It is like Super Natural Power.

From now start analysing how many times you Say No or in a Negative Way and try to replace it other positive way. When you’ll adopt this practice your mind will start programming itself in that way. And it will become easy for you to stay focused and motivated for whatever goal you want to :)

Good Luck for your Future :)