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Get that Super Staying, Smudge Proof, and Dolled-Up Lashes with The Maybelline Magnum Barbie Mascara

maybelline magnum barbie mascara
Maybelline Barbie Mascara

Mascara instantly uplifts the mood as it uplifts our lashes. πŸ˜„ Satisfying lashes are enough to relax our mood and mind. Keep trying new stuff is what we all love. Maybelline Magnum Barbie Mascara is something which I loved the most among all the Mascaras I tried. So I thought to share my views with you all. πŸ˜‡ But I am not going to stop here. The List of "New Stuff to Try" is long. πŸ˜„

maybelline barbie mascara review
Maybelline Barbie Mascara

Price: Rs.399/- for 9.2 ML 

Product Description

Eyes that dance and prance around, with the innocence and charm of the Barbie dolls that we adored. Fluttering lashes giving your eye makeup boost of life and the trust of a brand that makes you beautiful with revolutionary products. Maybelline New York Magnum Barbie Mascara:
  • Comes with a dolled-up brush that fits the curves of eyes perfectly to give you gorgeous lashes.
  • Is sweatproof, waterproof, and smudge-proof, so your eye makeup remains intact, all day long.
  • Is great for even contact lens wearers.


πŸ‘‰ Packaging: The Mascara tube or what to say, that default mascara packaging is super attractive, cute and pocket-friendly. I liked the compact and attractive packaging here. 

maybelline smudge proof mascara
Maybelline Barbie Mascara

πŸ‘‰ My Experience: True to its words, it is for dolled-up lashes. The moment I used this for the first time, I was amazed by the look. This mascara gave me so satisfying, curled, black and expressive lashes. 😍 

The wand is designed in a way that it gives that fluffed lashes. It has 2 different fiber length for that natural dolled-up look. 

maybelline waterproof mascara
Maybelline Barbie Mascara

What I loved the most about this mascara is, it is totally sweat-proof and smudge-proof. I apply and forget about it. I don't have to be very careful with this. πŸ˜„ Even if you accidentally rub your eyes, there won't be any problem because it doesn't smudge at all. 

The staying power is extremely powerful. It stayed for straight 24 hours even after I washed my face. But yes if you will use any good makeup remover, it will come off. (That sounds obvious πŸ˜„).

smudge proof mascara online
Maybelline Barbie Mascara

Even being so fantastic, what I miss here is, it doesn't add volume. Though it claims to add volume. But, it doesn't, or not up to not that level. Because what it does it compacts the tiny roots into one making them curled and dolled-up instead of spreading and adding volume to them. 

maybelline waterproof mascara
Maybelline Barbie Mascara

Even it doesn't add volume, which I think is not a negative point because it is not a voluminous mascara, I love it because it has super staying power and is smudge-proof.  

  • Natural Dolled-up Lashes
  • Satisfyingly curled 
  • Highly Pigmented
  • Super Staying Power
  • Totally Smudge-Proof
  • Travel-Friendly

  • Not a dense voluminous mascara

Available at (Rs.319/-) and on (Rs.218-)

So these were my views on Maybelline Magnum Barbie Mascara. Hope you've enjoyed reading this. let me know if I missed something here. Stay Tuned for more and Have a Good Day! πŸ˜‡

[Product Shots By Rajat Verma]


  1. Though I am not a big fan of mascara...but this one sounds sooo perfecto...awesome review dear..😊

    1. Seriously the best I wanted to get this one but don't why I didn't but after reading your review am gonna grab it soon

  2. Loved the review. Plus point is m a lens user too. So many pros make it easily accessible to other's thnku fr sharing dear.

  3. This is the perfect post for the mascara person like me. It'll be my next buy.

  4. I'm not a mascara person but every Maybelline mascaras I've tried, none disappointed me.

  5. I have now become a mascara addict and using another one from maybelline :)

  6. My current mascara is also from Maybeline one which is almost over now . Time to buy this 😊

  7. My current Mascara is almost over. Just in time I read this post, I gotta get this soon! πŸ˜ƒ

  8. I loved the photos and pigmentation! πŸ™‚ And I would try this mascara

  9. Natasha Alexander31 July 2017 at 11:05

    This looks like such a very good smudge proof mascara.. I like the bottle. Its very cute :) The review is awesome. Thank you for sharing


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