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Vedantika Herbals - Panchamrita Instant Energy Drink

πŸ˜‡ Cool, Refreshing, Instant Energy Drinks! 🍹 I know, we all love this about summer. And Natural Drinks have their own healthy vibes. Let me introduce you to Panchamrita Instant Energy Drink from Vedantika Herbals which is all pure & contains no preservatives. This is my new favorite drink. πŸ˜„

I love natural fruit juice. But its a mess to make fresh juices at home. Recently, I tried Energy Drinks from  Vedantika Herbals and I'm loving them all. Today, I'll share will my views on their super healthy and tasty Panchamrita Drink. πŸ˜‡ And I'm sure you'll love it too. 

Price: Rs.130/- for 10 Sachets (10 Glass) 

Product Description

Vedantika Herbals Panchamrita energy drink is a great immune booster energy drink. It is formulated With a balanced combination of Amla, Beetroot,Carrot, Mint and Ginger, which are natural sources of vitamins and possess high healing properties.

Helpful In - Immunity Booster, Lethargy, Stress, Stomach Problems, Low Level of Energy


I Love It! πŸ’– Yes! After having the first sip I knew I'm its going to be my favorite. There are 10 Sachets in a box and each sachet is for 200 ml drink. It is in powder form with added black salt. All you have to do is add water & ice and your drink is ready. 

I don't like the taste of beetroot! That's why I first thought its going to taste like regular health drinks where we have to compromise for taste. But I was wrong! It is so light and tasty that I want this drink daily. I'm drinking first as a taste & then as health drink. πŸ˜„It tastes like natural fresh made mix fruit juice with added spices. Intantly burst away your stress and gives you super cool & refreshing feeling. 

It tastes so natural & freshly made plus it is a good option to serve your guests too! Panchamrita Drink is totally a yes from me and I'm sure you will love it too :) Give it a Try. πŸ’–


  • Natural
  • Super Tasty
  • Light 
  • Healthy
  • Affordable
  • No preservatives


  • No Con 

Available at (Direct Link) 

Hope you've enjoyed reading this :) Stay Tuned for More. πŸ˜‡


  1. Oh..sounds great for health in summers. Immunity booster that's definitely a must have for me.

  2. Omg this looks so delicious and healthy.

  3. Looks like a refreshing drink for the summers :)

  4. Really impressed by the ingredients list. Perfect for summers. Is it sweet?

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