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Greenberry Organics - Strawberry and Shea Butter Bodywash | Paraben free and Vegan Product | Review

Hello all my readers :) Those who are following my blog, know that I'm reviewing organic products from quite a long time. Well, I love chemical free skincare and I love to encourage everyone to go for organic products through my blog. In-fact I have sensitive skin so I'm a bit afraid of using chemical based cosmetics.

Greemberry Organics Strawberry Bodywash

Today I'm reviewing Strawberry and Shea Butter Body Wash from Greenberry Organics (This is my new favorite from now on πŸ˜ƒ). Before I move on to review. Let me tell you little bit about Green Berry Organics.

About Greenberry Organics

Greenberry Organics is a small business based out in Delhi, started by a mother-son duo in the year 2016, Greenberry Organics hopes to revive the way people experience bathing and personal hygiene products today. The company stands on the pillars of delivering the best in natural and herbal care products. Mrs Navnit Mehra, a farming and gardening enthusiast, got the idea of starting a natural care product business which will be based out of her farmland located on the outskirts of Delhi, with almost zero investments and tight budgets, Mrs Mehra along with her son Arjoon Mehra, who happens to be a graduate of the prestigious XLRI, Jamshedpur, raised some money from friends and family and started the first batch of products in June 2016.

shea butter
Chemical Free

Greenberry Organics offer pure VEGAN and 100% Natural products derived from plant extracts and ethically sourced essential oils. Read more about Greenberry Organics and explore their products at

They have quite interesting background right? I'm loving the fact that such promising initiatives are being taken in India. This is promoting #MakeInIndia as well :) Now lets get back to the product πŸ˜‰

Price: Rs.299/- for 200 ML 

Chemical Free

Product Description 

Corn and Coconut based Surfactant, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Glycerin, Aqua, Strawberry Extracts. 
  • Shea Butter - Anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, rich in Vitamin E, it has all the properties of a skin essential
  • Strawberry - Removes all the signs of ageing and provides your skin a unique glow
  • 100% Natural and Vegan product made from pure oils and extracts. 
  • Against Animal Testing
  • Handmade with Love
  • Environment Safe Packaging 
  • Assorted and Ethical Sourcing 

body wash
Natural Ingredients


I'm calling this my strawberry cupcake πŸ˜ƒ It has such a exotic fragrance and is so tempting that I just want to taste it. It really makes you feel you are taking a shower with a body wash made from strawberry candy. So yummy!

I'm not very fond of strawberry fragrance in cosmetics as most of the brands make it heavy and uncomfortable. But Greenberry Organics exactly know what our senses need. So relaxing and refreshing that I was actually enjoying taking a shower with this. Love it!

Flip-Flop Opening

It comes in a bottle type packaging with flip-flop opening. Complete safe and secure with controlled flow of product. There is no tension of product wastage. Plus, it has a transparent body with a black label in middle which makes it easy to know how much of the product is consumed. I love it when a packaging is best in quality as well as extremely attractive. The moment I saw the label, I got attracted by the font only 😍 I know what matters is how the product works. But when everything in a product is 10/10, you just love the feeling to own it. Isn't it?

Consistency is runny but not watery. It has same consistency which a melted Chocolate has. It is lovely pink in color which is quite tempting. Not because I love pink or totally into girly things, but I love candy like bright colors. In fact my favorite color is black 😎

I used this with and without loofah and it formed good amount of lather in both ways. Only thing is using it without loofah requires more amount of product to form rich lather.

Color Pink

True to the claim of providing hydration and nourishment. There was a visible change in my skin. No more dry lines and my skin looked more even toned and felt soft and supple. In-fact softness was there even after first use. There was no skin irritation, itchiness or redness. The exotic fragrance lingers on your body for the whole day. I'm sure in Summers, there will be no need of extra layer of moisture. Suitable for all types of skin. 

Product says, strawberry will keep your skin young and supple and Shea Butter will make your first layer of defense even stronger and will strengthen your sun protection regimen. Plus, it has Vitamin A and E which are mandatory for a good skin.

Vitamin E & A 


  • Attractive Packaging 
  • Chemical Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Vegan Product 
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Exotic Fragrance
  • True to the claims 
  • Visible positive results
  • No skin irritation 
  • Good Quantity
  • Worthy Product 


  • For those who prefer In-stores shopping, Available only Online (Maybe) πŸ˜ƒ

I'm sure continuous use of this will result in healthy skin nurtured by natural and chemical free ingredients. :) I'm in so love with this brand that I trust on the sun protection point completely :) Your skin is going to love you if you have this strawberry cupcake with you :) 

Buy it on or

Have a Good Day! 

DISCLAIMER: I got this product for free in exchange of my honest reviews. 

© The Pink Velvet Blog by Niharika Verma 

| @niharikaverma22 | #thepinkvelvetblog |


  1. The color looks very pretty,... exactly like strawberry shake :)

    1. Yeah :D I was calling this my bathing strawberry shake

  2. Wow... the packaging looks really pretty. And considering its an organic product, its definitely worth a try.

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  3. Looks like an awesome product. When it smells good enough for you to want to taste then I think they've done a job well done with the combination.

  4. Sounds really impressive. I was looking for a good organic shower gel after my soultree one got over. Your review tempts me to get this. Great review :)

  5. Your review is making me want to try them out now. Who doesn't love strawberry

  6. Tempting one .wanna try it soon .


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