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Clear and Glowing Skin with INATUR Olive Cleansing Gel | Non-Comedogenic and Sulphate Free | Review

I love exploring new brands and cosmetic range. Sometimes I just open my Nykaa App and search for new & promising brands. I came across the brand INATUR, explored their social media profiles and website, and decided to collaborate with them. I am proud of my decision because I'm totally loving their products and I am sure after reading this post you'll give this range a try.



Inatur stands for the best combination of scientific innovation and nature. Their brand tree symbolizes the blessings of Mother Nature and the protective cover that it cocoons in. Herbs and Ayurveda are a central part of our process and the color green signifies our connection with nature.

Their promise is to provide Natural & Deep Care for the skin (with all logos of certifications & vegan). They hold certifications GMP, Halal & ISO to their credits. Most of their products are dermatologically tested and are 100% safe for use. To know more about INATUR, visit

I received Olive Cleansing Gel, which I'm reviewing today and Charcoal detox overnight cream (which I'll be reviewing soon).

INATUR Olive Cleansing Gel 

Price: Rs.430/- for 200 ml

Product Description

INATUR Olive cleansing gel is an organic aqueous formula that gently cleanses impurities and makeup from skin and hydrates it. It is hypo-allergenic and a mild, sulphate-free formula.

paraben free inatur cleansing gel

It is enriched with Calendula extracts- that has natural restorative properties to give a radiant glow to skin while calming and soothing it, Chamomile- which has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, Geranium oil- that treats acne, is anti-ageing, helps fade scars on skin and helps remove toxins, Honey- which is extremely moisturizing and boosts the complexion and is an anti-oxidant.

It can also be used to remove eye makeup.

Ideal for:
Oily/Normal and Sensitive skin.

Used Herbs: Olive Oil, Calendula Extract, Geranium Oil, Honey, Chamomile

How to Use

Apply every time your skin feels dirty or sticky or when you want to remove makeup. Take some gel on a cotton ball and clean the face and neck.


First I thought it is a gel based facewash, but after reading description I came to know that it is cleansing gel and is to be used just like cleansing milk, that is with cotton ball. 
The first thing I noticed was that it is Vegan, Not tested on animals, Sulphate free and Non-comedogenic. I read the ingredients and gladly, even paraben was not in the list :) 😍

inatur olive cleansing gel

Packaging is completely safe and tight, having a clear plastic body which makes it easy to see how much of product is used. It has dispensing pump which is the easiest way to use any product. I'll give  5/5 to packaging because it has all the necessary information printed such as vegan friendly labels, active herbs, directions, brand information and ingredients. 

Description said it can be used as a makeup remover, and gladly, it is 100% true to the claim. Pea sized amount of gel removed all of my foundation and eyeshadow. Infact I was wearing Maybelline Barbie mascara which is really hard to wash, this gel removed that too in one swap. πŸ’

inatur makeupremover
Gel Removed Kohl and contour cream. 

Not only makeup, it removed all of the dirt and excess oil. It has ingredients which will work on pimple marks too. Marks are something which really takes patience. I hope this gel will fade them too :) 

It has strong citrus fragrance which is quite refreshing but burns a bit in eyes. So you should be really careful while removing eye makeup. I did a little experiment and used this as a facewash too. πŸ’ƒ The best part was, it did worked as a facewash and formed good amount of lather. My skin was completely oil free. Label clearly says that this can be used by oily, normal and sensitive skin people. So those who have sensitive and acne prone skin like me, can go for this without any doubt. I didn't felt any skin irritation or redness after this. 

In short it is a non-comedogenic, vegan friendly, paraben and sulphate free makeup remover, cleansing gel and facewash made up of all natural and herbal ingredients which not only cleanses the face, but also restores its elasticity and glow. Totally recommended. 

Available on (Direct Link). Explore the whole INATUR range on, and


  • Vegan friendly
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Paraben and sulphate free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Used natural herbs 
  • True to the claim of removing oil and makeup 
  • Refreshing fragrance 
  • No harmful effects 
  • Good quantity 


  • Strong citrus fragrance may tease your eyes 
  • Availability in physical stores (Maybe) 

Hope you've enjoyed reading this lovely readers. Stay tuned and keep following this space for INATUR Charcoal Detox Overnight Repair Cream Review. πŸ’“ Have a Good Day :) 

DISCLAIMER: I have received this product for free in exchange of my honest review.

© The Pink Velvet Blog by Niharika Verma 

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