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ACNES Range | Facewash, Soothing Toner & Sealing Gel | Review

Winters are approaching! Which means dry skin for oily skin beauties and extremely dry skin for dry skin beauties. Winters demand some extra love and care towards skin. You need to be very careful when choosing the skincare products, especially for those who have really sensitive and acne prone skin, like me. 


Recently, I came across this pimple care range called "ACNES". ACNES is Japan's No.1 Acne care brand manufactured by Rohto Pharmaceutical Company which is again,  is one of the Japan’s Leading Health and Skin Care Company providing health and personal care solutions for more than a century now.

Rohto Pharma India entered into Indian markets in the year 2010 with its first Lipcare brand ‘LipIce’ (Which I'll be reviewing soon). After the successful acceptance of the brand LipIce in the Indian Market, Rohto Pharma India launched its two new brands ‘OXY’ for specialized Skin Care range for men and ‘Acnes’ for specialized Acne Care. Visit to explore their products. :)


Acnes provides a total skin care range that fights acne with the “Triple C” approach that signifies three actions/steps:- Cleanses, Cares and Clears to deliver smoother, healthier acne-free skin. 

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They are formulated with unique and exclusive combination of effective ingredients like Isopropyl Methylphenol, Sulfur and Salicylic Acid that helps remove 99.9% acne causing germs.

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Price: Rs.95/- for 50 gm 

acnes fairness
ACNES Fairness Facewash

Product Description 

Enriched with unique combination of fairness ingredients like Yogurt and Lactic Acid to deliver skin-whitening and sustain the skin glow. Natural fruit extracts actively treat and help prevent breakouts, diminishes redness and visibly reduces acne-scar.

How To Use

Wet hands and face, then apply a small amount of face wash on palm and work into a rich lather. Gently massage onto face, avoiding eye area. Rinse off thoroughly. Use twice a day for best results.


This one is bit of runny consistency and have mild fruity yogurt kind of smell. Its a foamy wash and forms really good foam to remove all the dirt. I love it when cleansers form good lather or foam. It gives me a mental satisfaction :D This variant is more suitable for dry skin people, as I have oily skin, I noticed it was leaving a layer of moisture behind. It took of all the makeup, dirt and excessive oil which I loved about this. Being an oily skin beauty, I enjoyed this variant. I didn't felt any extra layer of oil, in-fact after using this, I didn't felt the need of applying moisture. 

acnes fairness
ACNES Fairnress Facewash

It claims to fight acne while giving a fair skin tone. It is true to the claim of fighting with acne but not with giving fair skin tone. I noticed that size of my pimple and redness was reduced only in 2 days. It dried up my pimple in no-time. :) As far as it is about giving fairness, I didn't noticed much change. 

I read the ingredients and I didn't found paraben. Though it was not clearly mentioned that it does contain paraben or not, I can't say it for sure. I didn't found any skin irritation or rashes. In-short, a good facewash which really fights with acne, removes all the dirt and leaves behind hydrated & moisturized skin. For sure, a must have product for acne prone skin. Buy it here

Price: Rs. 95/- for 50 gm 

acnes oil free

Product Description 

A creamy textured face wash that fights acne-causing germs for oil-free, purified, smooth skin. Exfoliates dead skin intensively by allowing water to combine with oil/dirt and washing them away, hence purifying pores to reveal clearer skin.


This one is for sure for oily skin people. It removed every bit of oil & dirt from my face :D Left a complete oil free skin behind. The feeling oily skin people want after the wash, like complete squeaky clean, it gives exactly the same feeling. 

acnes oil free

It is of creamy texture, pale yellow in color and forms really good amount of lather. It did helped my skin to get rid of those odd looking big pimples. It definately controlled excess oil and sebum production. Quite happy with the results. I'm loving this range already. These facewash worked on pimples like magic and cured them in no-time. 

About acne marks, it will take some time as acne marks is something which requires lot of patience. They really take long time to vanish. The best part is, both the facewash are true to the claim of pimple care for both oily and dry skin people and are affordable. Buy it here

Price: Rs.180/- for 90 ml 

acnes toner

Product Description

Infused with Salicylic acid and Lactic acid that give a mild peeling effect that gently remove old skin cells and excessive sebum, hence purifying skin. Its hydrating power helps retain moisture and restores the pH balance of the skin, while tightening the pores and toning the skin.

How to use

After washing your face with Acnes Face Wash, moisten a cotton pad with toner, then dab gently over face and neck. For best results use everyday, morning and night after washing your face.


I'm a person who have really sensitive skin which reacts to every new product. I tried various toners meant for acne skin such as Kaya & Nivea. But every time my skin reacted and gave me rashes. So I switched to Dabur Gulabri Rose Water as a toner and didn't felt any skin irritation after that. 

acnes toner

I was afraid to use this one because of bad history of toner experience. But gladly, this didn't gave me rashes and in-fact, worked on sebum production. I was having odd looking and big pimple near my nose, I applied this before going to bed, and next morning my pimple was 20-30% reduced. Didn't expected super fast results πŸ˜ƒ 

Good with hydrating and soothing. Gave a fresh and cool feeling for few seconds  πŸ˜ƒ Definately worked on pore reduction. But still, I don't use it everytime I wash my face. Either I use it one time in morning or before going to bed as it does contain paraben. Happy with the results I am getting with this ACNES Range :) Buy it here

Price: Rs.250/- for 9 gm 

acnes gel

Product Description 

Fortified with Salicylic acid that works on the upper layer of the acne, that help cleanse dead skin cells. Powered with oil-absorber –Sulfur that extracts the excessive sebum and oil.

How to use

After prepping your face with face wash and toner, apply a thin layer directly over your acne. For best results, use twice a day every day until your acne clears. (Only apply over places where you have acne.)


This is a targeted pimple care gel, meant for use on pimple only. It is yellowish and and pale greenish in color. You'll be shocked to know that this targeted cream worked on my pimple in 6 hours only. I applied this in morning, and honestly my pimple got popped out till evening. Don't know whether it was the gel only or the input of everything in this range, but I got pimple clear face in few days. Whenever there is season I experience lot of pimples everytime.

acnes gel

Only point I didn't liked about toner and gel is they both contain paraben. But that's okay because this range delivers promising results and that too in short time. I am with the overall range and I recommend it to everyone who is fighting with pimple :) Buy it here.

Pros of ACNES Range

  • 100% effective
  • True to the claim of fighting with pimples
  • Contains Salicylic Acid (Must have in acne control Products) 
  • Affordable Range 
  • Japan's Trusted Brand 
  • Didn't gave any negative results 
  • No skin redness or any other harmful effects


  • Contains too many chemicals 
  • Contains paraben 

So if you are facing any issue regarding pimple, you can go for sure this ACNES Range as it is affordable and really works :) Here is their Facebook Page Link. Their Complete kit is available on

Have a Good Day! :) 

DISCLAIMER: I received these products for free in exchange of my honest reviews.

© The Pink Velvet Blog by Niharika Verma 

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