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Does makeup/grooming increase your confidence?

Yes! Makeup boost up your Confidence but I can’t post my Pic because I don't have any such “with” or “without” makeup type PicLet me tell you my makeup routine for daily use.A good undereye cream for Nourishment( Himalaya is best). A concealer for my undereye area and corner of lips. A good sunscreen(Neutrogena Dry Touch) of Maybelline’s BB cream. A good cute pink lip Color (Maybelline Lip Gradation or Superstays or Lakme 9to5). Brown or turquoise kajal and eyeliner (Lakme eyeconic). Once in a week or two, maybelline Superfresh Daily compact.Thats it.
I don’t use any foundation or Heavy Compact in my daily use. I have Maybelline’s dream liquid mousse foundation and clear glow compact. But i use them only on special events.

So in true sense Grooming boost-up your confidence. Keep it simple. Use of any foundation or compact or even blushers and eye-shadow in daily use will make you look Over.

Grooming or makeup is not only for Woman. Both, Man and women need it to look good :) 

Try Grooming yourself instead of polishing yourself with makeup. If You'll love yourself, you'll stay motivated.

Some tips for Good healthy Skin:

  • Drink at-least 2 liters.  of water. More in morning and day, less in night.
  • Use sunscreen whenever you go out.
  • Wash your face 3 times a day. (My favorites are Vico Foam Base, Clean and Clear). I use Facia too once in a week.
  • Try washing your face with oatmeal. Take some oatmeal in your palm, mix it with droplets of water, massage it on your face. You’ll notice change.
  • Use Rice and Curd Facepack once in a week. Grind some rice in a grinder. Make a paste with half teaspoon of Rice Powder and curd. Add water according to your consistency of paste. Keep this paste for 2–3 minutes in fridge so that powder can absorb Curd. Apply this facepack for 20 minutes and then wash it while scrubbing. I am sure you’ll notice change.

That's it :) Stress-free and happy life is the best makeup. I am sure all these tips will help you.



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